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Title: RIP Space Mom
Verse: Blue Tiger and Pink Bunny
Fandom: Original
Author: Kat
Rating: G
Character(s): Bernd, Amber, James, Greta, Mishka, Maria, & Fritz
Pair(s): Bernd/Amber, Amber/Greta, Amber/Mishka
Genre: Domestic Fluff
Warnings: None
Words: 888
Written for the prompt(s): May the Fourth 2017, Star Wars 40th Anniversary, RIP Space Mom, [ profile] writers_choice: Screen (#43)
Beta: [personal profile] kiramaru7 [ profile] kiramaru7
Summary: Amber and Co. introduce the kids to Star Wars.
A/N: Bernd belongs to Kira, she is just letting me borrow him. The kids belong to both of us.

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Title: Ottie, Agnes, and the Adventure of the Pony Keg
Author: Kira and Kat
World: Capital
Main Characters: Ottie Williams & Agnes Crenshaw
Borrow: Ask us
Word Count: 1761
Summary: Just what the title says folks, an old woman cons a young man into misadventure and carrying her pony keg.
A/N: Originally posted at [ profile] madrona_project/[community profile] madrona_project

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Comments I received at [ profile] madrona_project (WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS):
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Summer Fun

Apr. 11th, 2017 01:34 pm
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Title: Summer Fun
Fandom: Original
Author: Kat
Rating: PG
Character(s): A kraken and an unnamed swimmer
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None
Words: 279
Written for the prompt(s): Summer/Beach @ [ profile] faerie_wish13/[community profile] faerie_wish13
Beta: [personal profile] kiramaru7/[ profile] kiramaru7
Summary: Krakens can have vacations too.

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Comments I received at [ profile] faerie_wish13 (WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS):
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Title: Consume, Consume
Author: Kat
Rating: Teen
Character(s): Odhran
Genre: Creepy
Warnings: None
Words: 253
Written for the prompt(s): [ profile] faerie_wish13 Good Luck/Good Luck Charm (2016)
Beta: Unbeta'd
Summary: His mother had told him about the Fear Gorta.
A/N: Fear Gorta, a.k.a. The Hungry Man, The Man of Famine, is a fairy or spirit found in the folklore of Ireland. The Fear Gorta travels the land and knocks on doors and approaches people and asks for food and money. Those who freely give are rewarded with prosperity. Those who refuse to give or who abuse him are severely punished with poverty and famine. Additionally, the presence of the Fear Gorta is an omen of approaching famine.

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Comments I received at [ profile] faerie_wish13:
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Title: There is no Meaning of Life Hidden in the Wooden Phallus
Author: Kat
World: Licentia
Main Characters: Eric & Tristan
Borrow: No
Words: 811
Summary: Tristan tries to understand one of the festivals of his adopted homeland. Eric enjoys tormenting the poor naive man.
A/N: Thanks for pinking, Kira. Liberalia, Mars 17: Favored artisans have been hard at work creating a large phallus to decorate the city center. On this day, the large phallus is carted it through the countryside and into the city. Once erected, the phallus is decorated by local women and visitors alike to ensure a bountiful year. Masks are also hung on fences, and crude songs are sung during the procession. Come join us! Small souvenir phalluses are available from most local merchants as well as small wooden phallic animals. They are very popular.
A/N2: Originally posted at [ profile] madrona_project

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Lost Time

Oct. 18th, 2016 12:22 am
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Title: Lost Time
Author: Kat
World: Licentia
Main Characters: Boris, Agatha
Borrow: No
Word Count: 953
Summary: Agatha is looking for a missing bottle and finds other amusements.
A/N: Originally, started for Back to School in 2013, but I didn't finish it until now. Thanks for pinking, Kira. Originally posted at [ profile] madrona_project

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